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Much of what I do is considered ghostwriting. I use interview material, your outline, notes and information and write what you want, making my voice sound like yours and officially crediting the work to you. I ghostwrite book manuscripts, professional articles, website content, historical articles and other texts. I also do letter writing and basic editing and proofreading. With my voice I add style and flow to your ideas, sometimes starting from scratch and sometimes rewriting or editing what you've already written.

My job as a ghostwriter is to organize your thoughts, stories and information in a way that produces a cohesive narrative or a factual and concise research project. I conduct all my interviews in person (when possible) so that I can really familiarize myself with your voice. I have excellent interviewing skills and know how to draw out your stories and personal information.

The ghostwriting process begins with our initial interview in which you tell me about the project and present me with your outline. I need to familiarize myself with your ideas and thought process as well as with the subject matter. From there I begin a series of drafts which I e-mail to you for your feedback. We work together this way in a collaborative fashion until the project is complete. Sometimes I can finish the job in just a few hours.

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