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I heartily recommend Shonnie's memoir writing workshop to writers and aspiring writers. Her exercises, guidance and encouragement are wonderful implements for getting the creative juices flowing.
Anne Berry, 2010
Shonnie has an amazing ability to interpret what I relay to her orally and articulate it in writing. She captures the essence and vitality of whatever subject I'm describing to her! The articles she writes for me are rich with meaning and she always accurately describes my experiences.
Judy Weston-Thompson, 2010
The Wasson family is passionate about farming but the idea of writing about that passion left us abuzz with nervous anticipation. But Shonnie was great. She was obviously interested in what we had to say and could sit back and listen. Since we have a habit of all talking at once, it was not easy for her but she was patient and encouraging. She really made us want to revisit our past--our triumphs and tragedies, the old photographs and school yearbooks We asked each other to comment on the experience and such words and phrases as "enjoyable", "fantastic" and "fun for the family as a whole" came spilling out. Shonnie was very professional and went to great lengths to do what we wanted. The completion of this book, with Shonnie keeping us on track and organizing our thoughts, was a great experience. We definitely recommend that other families or individuals delve into their past and pass their experiences on to others. It is fun for the writer(s), great for the reader, and an invaluable way to recapture a lost era.
Fred and Ruby Wasson and the Four Wasson Daughters, 2010
Shonnie Brown created a beautiful DVD memoir of our father's life for his adult children and our families. She used diverse media including her videotaped interviews with Dad, footage of him talking with various family members, family photos dating from the present back to our great-grandparents, memories and vignettes from all the children and grandchildren, and Dad's favorite songs from his youth. It is a treasure which will be enjoyed by all of us and by generations to come.
Laura Beach & Bob Boardman
Healdsburg, CA 2005
My interviews with Shonnie were pure fun. Her interest in my life was obvious. People who have read my story have remarked that they feel pulled in by Shonnie's writing style. She is truly able to capture a person's essence and express that in words.
Lisa Reese
Healdsburg, CA 2005
I'd never planned on having Shonnie write about my life. But we connected immediately. I was so pleased with the bio that she wrote that I posted it on my website. I like for people to feel they know me, as well as my music.
John Reese, Musician
Healdsburg, CA 2005
Cherie and I are both overwhelmed by how well you have written about us. You captured us just right, and you really were right on the mark... We couldn't be happier. In truth, I have had many stories written about me, but never one that was so right. Thank you so much. You have a gentle loving style, and your heart flows into your words in a way that is just beautiful. I have been getting many kind remarks and feedback.
Hilary Marckx
Pastor, Photographer & Singer of Cowboy songs
Geyserville, CA 2004
The Mill Valley Seniors for Peace thank you for your video production of "Where is the Outrage?" featuring Cindy Sheehan and Congresswoman Lynn Woolsey. Expressions of approval such as "suberb," "wonderful, and "great" continue to flow in... We were particularly impressed with the professionalism shown in your production of the video.
Bill Usher, President
Mill Valley Seniors for Peace
This is a treat, this article. What a lot of fun to see you two hauled in front of the world's big eye. You look grand! Dignified, eternalized, and so California (you know?) Many things I didn't know: the handshake of Adlai, the eye to eye with JFK... And much else that I guess you two only tell people like glorious Shonnie Brown: holy mackeral, what a girl!
From a College Professor in New York state
after reading a brief bio on Gary & Susan Goss
Shonnie writes with good humor and warmth. With her friendly down-to-earth manner she is able to glean the small details and bits of background information on real people that make for interesting reading.
Mary M. Safranski
Healdsburg, CA 2005
I have viewed three of Shonnie Brown's videos and believe they are highly professional and well made. They are to the point, expertly edited, and entertaining as well as factual in their content. Sonoma LifeStories is an excellent company and I highly recommend it to anyone in need of video/memoir services.
Rolly Mulvey, Singer & Musician
Mill Valley Seniors for Peace

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